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Elektronic Journals

You can reach and search full text e-journals A to Z from the databases our information Center  subscribed. To see whether electronic access is available from the Library, you should click on e-journals on the Library's home-page. Then, you can type the the name of a journal in the "Find" field to check on the electronic version of that journal.

The Manuel

Printed Periodicals

All periodicals are listed on the the Information Center website. Current issues of printed periodicals are located in Current Periodicals Section in the ground floor of the library. Bound Journals are located in the  basement floor of the library. Also Daily newspapers  and current issues of popular magazines can be consulted in the Printed Periodicals section.

Free Journals

You can reach the alphabetical list of free journals published on Internet.
You can mail to kutuphane@sdu.edu.tr for the journals which are not available on the list.

Süleyman Demirel University Electroic Journals