Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi

Accessible Library Services

The Information Center carries out its services to meet the information needs of all user groups. Information Center staff assist and guide disabled users in accessing resources.

Suleyman Demirel University Information Center facilities;

  • The Information Center provides wheelchair access for physically handicapped users.
  • There are toilets suitable for disabled use on the floors.
  • Elevators are suitable for disabled and wheelchair access.
  • The automatic book loaner-return device (Self-Check) is suitable for use by the physically handicapped and wheelchair users.
  • For the ease of use of the physically handicapped, the general use area passages are always open and the library entrance supports the wheelchair access of the handicapped users.

In the hall we have created for visually impaired users, there are 3 integrated computers with Open Book and Jaws software, 1 scanner, 1 overhead projector and 3 headphones.

National Library Talking Library; Our visually impaired users can access the audio books in the catalog by using the advanced search options on the web page specially designed for the visually impaired, together with their TC ID Numbers and password.

National Library Talking Bookshelf

Information Center Catalog Braille Resources