Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi


Our Information Center serves Süleyman Demirel University students, academic and administrative staff and users from outside the university. Information Center resources are not checked out to non-university users. However, they can make a photocopy of the necessary part of the material they want.

In order to borrow publications, you must first become a member of the Information Center. Students and employees of our university can become members of the Information Center. Academic, administrative staff, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students can become members by showing their SDU IDs.

Users who want to borrow materials must show their “Süleyman Demirel University Identity Cards”. It is obligatory to borrow any material extracted from the Information Center. All borrowed items must be returned on time or renewed. Return periods for materials requested by another reader are not renewed.

Different user groups have different borrowing rights.

Undergraduate students 10 Books for 21 days

Master's and doctoral students 20 Books for 21 days

Administrative staff 20 Books for 21 days

Academic staff 30 Books for 30 days

Newspapers, periodicals, theses, rare works, CDs, DVDs, reference sources are not checked out. A daily late fee will be charged for items that are not returned on the day. Delay amounts are determined at the beginning of each academic year for that year. Those who do not pay the late fee cannot borrow material until they make the payment. If a material is lost; If the lost material is available in the market, it is provided by the borrower. If it is not available in the market, the list price and transaction fee are paid to the library by the borrower.

You can sign in with your Library Account to do transactions such as renew, reserve, etc.