Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi

Library Using Rules

The library is a public use area. Thus, rights and rules should be treated with respect and responsible care should be taken not to violate the rights of other people. Library rules are applicated to ensure that library users continue their educational and research activities in a healthy, safe, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

General Rules

  • All library users must adhere to the rule of silence.
  • The library collection, equipment, furniture and equipment should be used carefully.
  • Library resources cannot be removed without going through the check out process.
  • Printed materials should be used with caution, certainly should not be harmed. (marking pages, drawing lines should not be applied, and so on).
  • The identified rules for damaged, lost and overdue materials are applied for all users.
  • All areas of the library should be treated with care and kept clean, waste should be disposed of in trash cans.
  • Cutting and piercing tools such as utility knives and scissors cannot be used in the working areas.

Study Tables and Work Stations

  • Personal belongings should not be put on workings tables for reservation of seats.
  • Empty tables are regularly checked, collecting unattended personal items.
  • The library is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property.

Food / Beverage

Entering the library with food and drinks (except water) is not allowed for the following reasons:

  • To protect the library common study areas, equipments and collections
  • To prevent the smell, noise and pollution
  • To ensure the study areas kept clean and well maintained


Cell Phones

 Cell phones must be muted in the library

Lost / Forgotten Items

  • The responsibility of lost or forgotten items in the library belongs to the user.
  • Vieving the library security cameras is not allowed for the purpose of finding lost items
  • Security cameras are used for provide the internal security of the library (collection, hardware, etc.).


Smoking is not allowed within the library or the “No smoking areas” in front of the library building