Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi

Prof.Dr. Hasan Gürbüz Knowledge Center

Information Center is serving  in a modern building with 4 floors occupying 8000 square meters and has 1000 seating capacity for clients. 

IC is serving with its collections consists of  195.072 books, 357.891 e-books, 10.630 journal, 44.975 e-journal subscriptions, 18.003 CD-DVD and 70 online databases.

The library catalog can be searched by visiting the Catalog Search web page or using the OPAC terminals located on each floor of the Library. The catalog can be searched by author, title, subject, series, etc.   In order to reach University Theses, You should click on Catalog Search and select  Suleyman Demirel University Library Thesis  from the list of search options. Master's and doctoral theses prepared before  2001 are only available in print format; those dating from 2001 and later may be available in electronic format in full text.

Gallery Ground Floor
Library Administraition.
Staff Offices.
General Collection (A - F)
Periodicals - Current
Circulation Desk
Reference Collection (M / A - Z)
Research Computers
OPAC Terminal
Lower Ground Floor Basement Floor
General Collection (G - N)
Conference Hall
Individual Multimedia Carrels
Group Multimedia Room - 212
Group Multimedia Room - 213
Special Collections
Group Study Room
OPAC Terminal
General Collection (P)
General Collection (Q - Z)
Periodicals - Bounded
24 Hours Study Room
OPAC Terminal
Binding Atelier.